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Cathy * Ann

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[Mar. 11th, 2008|07:13 pm]
Cathy * Ann
 i've given up on finding love. 

& i cant wait to live the most amazing single life ever. 
Im going to travel the world, write books, meet people, and maybe adopt someday. 
Being in a relationship really just isn't for me...not to say i cant make a commitment, but i just can never picture myself dating anyone again...and i mean that in the least depressing way as possible. 
Im pretty good company. If brooke davis can do it, why cant i?

so im thinking  when im older maybe ill travel to vegas like h.thompson and trip throughout the car ride and eventually write a book about it. 

[User Picture]From: karamel_baby
2008-03-12 02:35 am (UTC)
dont give up on finding love.
have faith, kiddy.
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