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all i wanted this winter break was to find out some answers. I wanted… - <3. Welcome to the real world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cathy * Ann

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[Jan. 1st, 2008|06:23 pm]
Cathy * Ann
all i wanted this winter break was to find out some answers. I wanted to know if he really meant what he did, if he hated me, if he was sorry, and if there was hope. I called him last night and he didnt answer. One of my friends told me that if he doesnt want to contact me to talk about everything, than maybe he really did want to hurt me & rather than call him to try to force an apology, i should just try my best to learn from it. Last night one of my friends saw him at a new years eve party and  said how sad he looked. I did feel bad that he wasent enjoying himself last night which sparked my non stop phone calls to him. All i wanted to do was wish him a happy new year.. and now im wondering why  i care. If he didnt mean to do what he did than he would call me back and try to atleast maintain a friendship. He wouldnt be hiding out from me and all of our friends. So on that note, because its a new year, and because ive been neglecting to give myself the self respect that i deserve, im done chasing after him. 

so thats it.. im done with this.
GOODBYE 2007. 

HELLO 2008.
a year that going to be full of partying, happiness, working hard, friendship, family, and love. =]

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